shopping in Beijing - the shopping mall

+ Shopping in Beijing can be a couple of very different experiences. The variety of places where you can shop, the way you should behave in each of them, what you can find (and pay) is a world in itself.
+ So lets start with the most "normal" one: the shopping mall. You can find them anywhere outside the second ring road (outside the city center) they are western looking, western prices, western clothes. They do have some really nice stores that you can't find in Europe (at least in Portugal) side by side with our favourites (Zara, H&M...). The cool thing about shopping here, is that you get a rest from the crazyness you will find in other places. It is a closer to home experience, but of course, with a chinese twist - that we love! :)

(waiting for my first pay check!! These Prada look-a-like shoes are everywhere, and with my new public transport routine, they seem like a mighty good option for everyday footwear... hmmm...)

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