Rebelious summer

+ So, my sister Rita (also known as Wasted Rita who is, if you don't know, the greatest illustrator e-v-e-r! If you don't know her work, you can check it out here, just so you get a better idea of what I'll be talking about in the next few lines) was complaining today about summer clothes which are arriving in stores as we speak. She hates the romantic, hippie, 70's, splash of colour trends that are about to hit every store (this is what I meant you would understand better if you saw her work, you know, why she hates all this stuff, I mean, I'm pretty sure you'll find it unacceptable for someone to not a-dore all these wonderfull trends!... Hm, not!).
+ I tried to appease her fast beating heart filled with anger against all the crochet handbags and colourful printed silk blouses and told her: "BUT RITA! Punk-rock is such an equally strong trend for THIS summer in particular! Be at ease little tiger, be at ease! Your studded black leathers and torned up cottons will be in stores soon! Well, at least at online stores... Well, AT LEAST at online stores from the UK and the States..." (insert very very ironic smirk with semi-closed eyes in disdain)
+ So, to calm the little tiger in the next room down, here are some of the punk-rock trends for this summer, little rebel sis! From the runways AND our favorite on-line stores we'll be purchasing from with your Paypall account (yes, I am electronic geekness retarded, and you're not :) (insert very very ironic smirk with semi-closed eyes in disdain).
+ Illustration above © WASTED RITA All Rights Reserved
 + Runway pictures © Style.com All Rights Reserved

    Chanel SS11
    Balenciaga SS11
    Balmain SS11
    Burberry Prorsum SS11
    Jeremy Scott SS11
    Hallelu online store
    Nasty Gal online store 
    Bona Drag online store


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