+I've been feeling dreadfully uninspired lately... haven't seen any new interesting looks, in fact what I have been seeing is a lot of repitition. I guess I should cool it off and just wait for the end of fashion week... Speaking of fashion week, summer is coming, and I have made up my mind: I hate color, I will not wear color, and all the fashion shows for SS11 are only worth for the first half (yes, if you had seen the shows then you would know that all the shows are following the same recipe: all-white, all-nude, all-black, and then white+brights, all brights, to finish up with a mixed up all tutti-frutti colors you can find...) - I'm in a terrible mood, sorry.
+ Photo Julia Petit © Google somewhere

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Silvana Querido disse...

Melhora o teu humor e vem tentar a tua sorte no giveaway que estou a realizar no meu blogue :)

Beijinho e boa sorte*

hojevistocalco disse...


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Lulu disse...

julia é amor!