+Mariana Idzowska by Mara Zampariolo "Private Dancer" in Fashion Gone Rogue
+So, people have always asked me "why Lulu Baldrac?" and "What does it mean?" questions I always avoid with the story about a rag doll called Lulu and the old family dog my great grandmother had named Baldrac. Of course then I met the great italian people who explained to me that Baldrac in italian means "bitch" - not related to the female dog, which would also make sense except for the fact that Baldrac was a male dog, but the offensive expression to be addressed at a real mean girl.
The fact is I could never really explain who was Lulu Baldrac because it is way too personal. Do you ever have the feeling that you're not who you're supposed to be? Or do you sometimes fantasize what your life would be like if you were a teenager living alone in Paris or London, with no one to account for?
Well, my life has always been filled with characters like these, the 200 different people I could have been, if something different happened in my life at a certain point in time. I will not explain who Lulu is for me, it really doesn't matter, especially because I found this picture today which I think translates who Lulu Baldrac is better than any description I could make. Mara Zampariolo, I'm sorry, but I'm totally renaming this picture as "Lulu", and for me, it's just perfect.

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quero esse body azul (será um body?).