No more boring Sundays

Sooishi has been one of my favorite food blogs for a while now. I just adore how difficult and amazingly professional her posts look, like you'd have to be somekind of wood enchanted creature to be able to pull it off. But you don't. Still, if this was only a food blog, I probably wouldn't be posting about it.
Now, being a Sunday hater, I take on every little tip to make through the last day of my weekend with least damage possible. That's where Sooishi becomes genious: No More Boring Sundays is the reaction of the author to the ghost Sundays in Lausanne, and just, how beautiful is this?
I really want my own "ceiling to floor" white decorated apartment to fill with my old grandma looking teapots and perfect looking cakes and friends.
Also check out Sooishi cooking videos, they're so pretty.

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