Going bananas for MONKI!

+Point A: Monki has the coolest blouses, sweaters and knits like EVA!
+Point B: Monki is Swedish which is totally reminiscent (not really, more like Norway, but... whateva!)
+Point C: Monki is in Karl Johan now so I should totally pay a visit! Sinne, Maria, Kris, Mladen, prepare your floors for some portuguese crashin'!!!
+Point D: Monki is SO affordable it is unbelievable.
+Point E: Don't you just love when your clothes have pretty girl names?
+Point F: Monki, palize: Online shopping ASAP. Seriously, utterly dying here.
+Seriously, I want the entire collection - both colors, please.
+ Don't believe it? Just prepare for this awesome overwhelm of Monki catalogue right here:

4 comentários:

julia. disse...

hi lulu! and thank you for your sweet comment. i love monki too.


lastminutedreams disse...

Amo a Monki, é uma pena estar tão longe e não enviar para Portugal! Nice blog too! vou adicionar aos meus links, kiss

v disse...

epá, só tenho uma coisa a dizer: por favor, levem-me para a suécia.

Lulu disse...

ahaha :)