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+ Speaking of getting the mean reds.
+ This winter, not only did I find myself surprised to see camel all over the runways - reminiscing those big heavy coats mom wore to the maternity the day I was born - I was mostly surprised to find myself please by it. Camel was pretty, and head to toe camel had that slightly boring sophistication I oh so adore! It was a difficult trend to pull off, most definitely, but when someone did: it was sublime.
+ This summer and spring the runways are equally filled with this wonderfull tone, and I couldn't be more pleased by it: I am neutral tones, seriously, I will post pictures of my closet one of these days - the day I organized it by colours I was fashionably proud but also a little embaraced by it: I mean, how healthy can it be for a person to not own one single piece in bright colour?
+ Ok, no more ranting, let's get to the core, to the anxiety, to the question, the doubt: mixing camel and neutrals with bright colours! What do you think of it? I think it's kinda genious. But then again... it can become a little 80's if you don't do it right... Oh decisions, decisions! What do you think? Eitherway, this is a trend we will definitely see a lot of during the summer.

+ Photos © Elle All Rights Reserved
+ Autumn Winter 2010 shows

+ Photos © Nana In Wonderland and Mango
+ Spring Summer 2011 MANGO and MANGO Que me pongo? Photoshoot

5 comentários:

Anónimo disse...

hoje estive a ver uma série de revistas de janeiro e fevereiro e, acredita, o que não vai faltar nos próximos meses é muita cor!

Lulu disse...

pois, eu sei... mas a minha "dúvida" não é a cor, é a cor com tons pastel... como cores neon com preto, nao sou grande fã.

Tereza Anton disse...

I say, to NEON :D

Anónimo disse...

ilustraçao perfeita tenho que dizer :D

Lulu disse...

obrigada denise :)